The crew is in Mayrhofen

A few days ago we had some phone calls from Jon Weaver (Nike TM) and Backna (Vans TM) telling us to join them in Mayrhofen as the conditions were really good. So we moved there early this week and managed to have two crews shooting in the Mayrhofen area. The first crew is made of Tyler Chorlton, Valérian Ducourtil and Tobi Strauss with Yohann Hamonic to film and Beckna as a guide and photographer. The second crew is made of Gérome Mathieu, Johann Baisamy and Ethan Morgan with Serge to film, Cyril Müller to take pictures and Jon Weaver to guide us and take care of second angle filming. We’ve found some good spots and we will stay here a few more days as more snow is coming right now.
Here’s a few pictures to check it out!
All pictures by Serge

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