Hintertux crazy action!

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We had a couple of funny days riding up the Hintertux glacier a few days ago. We were a solid crew of stupid snowboarders including Danny Larsen, Tyler Chorlton, Valérian Ducourtil, Gérome Mathieu, Ethan Morgan, Tobi Strauss and Gulli Gudmundsson. All this crazy action has been captured and put together by their well trained Serge.
Thanks to Danny for the graphics. And don’t forget to check our movie Levity which you can find right here!

LEVITY THE MOVIE! Complete and Free

Here is our first movie called Levity!

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We’ve been shooting around Europe, Turkey, Japan, Canada and the USA for it and we had great conditions everytime. Enjoy the movie as it completely free and stay tuned for more podcasts and a new movie after next season! Don’t forget to like our page to get all the last infos.

Levity – Teaser

So here’s the teaser of our first movie called Levity.

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Featuring Gérome Mathieu, Tyler Chorlton, Valérian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy, Ethan Morgan, Kevin Backstrom, Kareem El Rafie, Martin Gallant, Gaetan Chanut, Mati Radaelli, Christian Weber & Friends.
It’s been a pretty nice and fun season starting in Switzerland, France and Austria, then going to Turkey and Japan and finishing in Canada and The USA! We can’t wait to start shooting again for next season.
The movie will be available online for free from October 22nd right here on whatwewantfilms.com
Thanks to our sponsors Apo, Vans, Nike, Burn, Vonzipper and our media partners Method, Onboard and Fluofun.
Come back here to check for premiere dates or just go like our page so you won’t miss any news!


Whistler is probably one of the best place to shoot snowboarding and specially when you can snowmobile. So we decided to fly over there in march. Martin Gallant “The Godfather” was our guide. He knows all the spots and he is a really good sledder which really helped as some of us never sleded before. The crew was changing along the way as not everybody could stay there at the same time. So Serge was there from March 20th until May 14th and the guys came whenever they could. Gérome was there just with Serge the first week so we managed to shoot as much as we could because he had to leave for the Nike chosen serie in Austria on April 1st. Valé and Jo arrived on March 26th and Tyler the day after. So We had one day shooting with all the crew then Gérome left. It was snowing a lot but not too much sun so we’ve been riding pillows for a few days. Then a day of perfect blue sky was announced with 60cm of fresh snow! So as we’re not the only crew out there we had to be ready for that day. We woke up at 5 to be on the parking lot at 6:30 and at the first spot at 7 but we were definitely not alone. The snow was so good we managed to shoot a few different spots on that day and the days after. After that gérome came back from austria but the weather was again not really nice. So we spent some time dirt biking, buggy riding, partying, chilling and we had a few other days on the mountain with all the crew. We’ve been to the park of whistler as well which is really fun to ride. After that Gérome, Jo and Valé had to leave. So it was just Tyler left but Kareem El Rafie had joined the crew fot the past few days so we were a smaller but not less funny crew. The weather stayed pretty shitty for about 3 weeks so we spent some more time dirt biking, we also helped Martin as he’s building his own house we dragged some logs out of the forest with him. We went on a short surf trip on Vancouver Island as well and it was pretty funny to try to surf in this freezing wather. After that we had a last week of sunshine which was really cool even though the snow was not the best. We managed to shoot some stuff. Then we went on a camping trip on the Rutherford glacier with Shin Campos and Mark Gribbon for a story in Snowboard Canada. And after that we had one last day on the hill so we went to Brohm Ridge which is just over Squamish with a nice view on the ocean for some fun spring riding drinking session and a party in a house in the middle of the mountain.
That trip in Whistler was for sure the best of the season and we can’t wait to go back there next year.
Big thanks to Martin Gallant, without him we couldn’t have done all of that.

Turkey and Japan!

February 2012, after shooting a lot in Austria, France and Switzerland the WWWF crew was looking for something different. A different country with different snow, different people and a different culture. So we decided to split in 2 crews. One made of Gérome Mathieu, Valérian Ducourtil, Johann Baisamy, Germain Ozer and Serge decided to fly to Turkey, in the town of Uludag. And Tyler Chorlton was invited by his friend Mati Radaelli to join the BQP crew to Japan.
So here’s just a few shots from our experiences there, stay tuned for the complete story and all the shots in our upcoming movie!

Kickers and après ski in Mayrhofen

Oups, it’s been a while since we posted a new podcast. So here it is! We spent some good time in Mayrhofen with all the crew and some new riders so it was really fun and productive. We have some really good shots that we will keep for our movie so for now just enjoy the podcast!

Leysin backcountry

Text by Johann Baisamy:
After Avoriaz we went back to Serge’s place in Leysin where a kicker awaited us. Unfortunately the wind had once again fucked up the landing for the second time we wanted to hit this spot (but the spot still waits for us…) So we had to find something else to clean up for the day. We had fun on a step dow to get some shots for the podcast.
The snow changed fast and most things were getting baked so we deepened out search into the north only facing areas to find some fresh snow. We then ended up on a road gap (that was pretty flat) where coincoin showed off his legs of steel stomping 2 tricks. Then the next day we shaped THE KICKER, not too big but it was definitely working. And in backcountry it’s not easy too find spots that are working! After a few hours shaping no one wanted to hit it first, Tyler lost rock’paper’scissors and landed a back 3 into a nice layer of crust! So we held off again till the next day when the sun would melt the crust layer and get better light. So as expected the next day, everything was perfect, 14 tricks put down between 3 riders. It had never happened to me before and i was stoked! Coincoin wasn’t very happy stomping some tricks because they weren’t as perfect as he wanted them. Ty cleaned up in style as usual with a swb5 and a back5 in the bag. Everyone was stoked and deserved a good rest and a good meal by out star chef Serge. A couple days later we peaced out to Mayrhofen in Austria for the next show.