Gérome Mathieu

Name: Gérome Mathieu
AKA: CoinCoin
Date of birth: 11.02.1985
Sponsors: APO, Nike 6.0, Burn, Pull-In, Dragon, Shark Biscuit, Level, Ho5 Park
What do you want?

To eat: Duck, T-Bone with foie gras poelé dessus.
To drink: VodkaBurn
To ride: Big backountry kickers, slopestyle with a
lot of kickers
To hear: Adele, Rolling Stones, well I don't care
I listen to everything even crap!
To watch: Federer against Nadal in the Rolland Garos final
In a snowboard movie: The good and the bad
To do outside of snowboarding: Doing motocross in
the forest and then get pursued by the cops
To do right now: Beat serge at ping pong and win
the international eastern european ping pong contest of
Leysin that starts in 5 min!
To do to the olympic committee: I don't agree with
all of their opinions but right now I don't really have any
statement to give
To grow on your face: Nothing
To piss on when you're drunk: Anything I can write my name on
For the future: Be married with kids, having my own
motocross course in front of my house, and watch the new generation snowboard movies