Leysin backcountry

Text by Johann Baisamy:
After Avoriaz we went back to Serge’s place in Leysin where a kicker awaited us. Unfortunately the wind had once again fucked up the landing for the second time we wanted to hit this spot (but the spot still waits for us…) So we had to find something else to clean up for the day. We had fun on a step dow to get some shots for the podcast.
The snow changed fast and most things were getting baked so we deepened out search into the north only facing areas to find some fresh snow. We then ended up on a road gap (that was pretty flat) where coincoin showed off his legs of steel stomping 2 tricks. Then the next day we shaped THE KICKER, not too big but it was definitely working. And in backcountry it’s not easy too find spots that are working! After a few hours shaping no one wanted to hit it first, Tyler lost rock’paper’scissors and landed a back 3 into a nice layer of crust! So we held off again till the next day when the sun would melt the crust layer and get better light. So as expected the next day, everything was perfect, 14 tricks put down between 3 riders. It had never happened to me before and i was stoked! Coincoin wasn’t very happy stomping some tricks because they weren’t as perfect as he wanted them. Ty cleaned up in style as usual with a swb5 and a back5 in the bag. Everyone was stoked and deserved a good rest and a good meal by out star chef Serge. A couple days later we peaced out to Mayrhofen in Austria for the next show.

The crew is in Mayrhofen

A few days ago we had some phone calls from Jon Weaver (Nike TM) and Backna (Vans TM) telling us to join them in Mayrhofen as the conditions were really good. So we moved there early this week and managed to have two crews shooting in the Mayrhofen area. The first crew is made of Tyler Chorlton, Valérian Ducourtil and Tobi Strauss with Yohann Hamonic to film and Beckna as a guide and photographer. The second crew is made of Gérome Mathieu, Johann Baisamy and Ethan Morgan with Serge to film, Cyril Müller to take pictures and Jon Weaver to guide us and take care of second angle filming. We’ve found some good spots and we will stay here a few more days as more snow is coming right now.
Here’s a few pictures to check it out!
All pictures by Serge

Pillow time in Avoriaz

Text by Johann Baisamy
“First backcountry session for me shooting with WhatWeWant. After a short sunny day in Leysin we decided to head to Avoriaz because snow was on the way which meant bad weather.
This was the first time I ever shot backcountry in Avoriaz, makes a change from only riding pipe there usually…
The conditions were so good we stayed an extra day or two. Time flies on busy days. We were pretty productive everyone got shots everyday, well almost…
Lets just forget about the first day where we all got pretty beat up, the spot didn’t quite work and after around 10 hits each we went home sore as hell and soaking wet!
Luckily the next day we had 30cm fresh and Coincoin got his shot.
We spent the next days in the forest shredding pillows. On the last day, legs burning we headed back to the same area to find our homies the videograss crew with Danny Larsen.
It was well fun to see so many riders together in the lovely forest.
I had a tough time keeping up with Tyler and Coincoin, they’re not on the first backcountry season and they pretty much land 75% of their hits!
But with patience, some advice and some sending I managed to get some shots.
Your gonna have to wait for the movie to see the bangers but here is a podcast to show whats going on+
After a nice sunday at home time to head to Leysin to follow the adventure in the next podcast.

PS : Big Thanks to Jean Noel for the lift passes and for treating us like a Baus!!”